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creative encounters in nature

making art together in nature can have a significant impact on how we perceive the living environment. 

what we do.

We design and lead creative workshops and projects in collaboration with artists, activists, community groups, and organisations.

We deliver 'hands-on' exploration of nature to expand creative and ecological awareness.

We create direct sensory experiences, so that participants get to explore, connect with and develop empathy for nature.


current project

The Hokianga Community Drawing Project

A collaborative drawing project to engage communities north and south of the Hokianga ferry link in talking about and expressing their experiences of living in the Hokianga at a time of climate change. 

what we do
why we do it

why we do it.

LimenLab is the concept of ecological artist, Laura Donkers a multi-media ecological artist-curator-researcher:

"I founded LimenLab, to deliver eco-art projects that document and promote exchange between people through social interactions and creative encounters in nature. I collaborate with organisations to deliver projects that engage people with the perspective that we owe our existence to the natural world and, just as we take responsibility to look after our families, so we carry a responsibility to protect the natural world from harm and restore damage that we have caused."

At this time of climate change and catastrophic biodiversity loss we have to help nature to heal. When making art together outside, we connect more intimately to nature and change our perspectives on the living environment. 

Our values

We develop agency by sharing stories about nature, environmental regeneration and climate change adaptation.​

We support nature through pro-environmental approaches that safeguard biodiversity and nature’s processes.

We value transparency by being open, upfront and honest about what is possible within timeframes and resource limitations.

Best Practice

We draw from respectful, traditional practices to design workshops and projects that demonstrate respect for all life forms.

We reduce ecological impact in how natural materials are harvested and in terms of considerate energy use and recycling/disposal of materials at end of workshop/project.

Joanne Kyriazopoulos, 

Kaipātiki Project

"We have had the pleasure of working with Laura for over three years now through her ecology-based arts programmes. Laura’s approach gently guides participants, and keeps the group engaged throughout the workshop, encouraging participants to explore the materials and creative process at their own pace, with some beautiful results for beginners and seasoned artists alike."

Molly Chen,

Asian Community Engagment Trust

"Laura gave our clients fantastic eco-art experiences through the botanical monoprint workshops. She is a warm and wonderful teacher. The workshops offer Asian families the chance to learn more about New Zealand's natural world, explore eco-art techniques, and create something beautiful together." 

Workshop Participant,

Titirangi, Auckland

“So knowledgeable - the walk was wonderful and the leaf printing workshop really amazing. I learned so much about pushing myself to explore my creative side”

a not-for-profit creative agency working with community and environmental organisations

to expand engagement with nature through art

experiential learning in nature arouses curiosity and stimulates discussion around ecological responsibility


eco art workshops, collaborative exhibitions and projects connect people

through the experimental and cognitive effects of creativity

our funders + supporters.

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