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blue lanterns.

date. various dates throughout October 2022

city. Devonport, Auckland city and Waiheke Island

 form. pop-up blue lantern-making workshops

protect putiki.jpg

Working in collaboration with local lantern-making legend and master carver, Natanahira Te Pona, we ran a series of blue lantern workshops across the region to encourage people to make together, share experiences, and express their support for the ocean and all marine life. To drive home the immediacy of human impacts on marine ecology, this Blue Radius Event used art-making to engage the public with local manifestations of ecological collapse that we could be preventing, such as by limiting bottom trawler fishing, sand mining, pollution and agricultural fertilizers that get washed into the ocean. This engagement process was delivered in collaboration with the activist group Protect Pūtiki. The city centre event was delivered as part of Art In The City 2022.

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