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ecoart lithography.

date. October 2020

city. Eskdale Reserve + Auckland Print Studio, Auckland

form. Ecoart lithography workshop 

This two-day Ecoart Lithography workshop delivered a new creative course that introduced participants to know the Eskdale Reserve, Birkdale guided by Kaipatiki Project's Neil Henderson.

Day 1 he guided us through the reserve and we made tree rubbings using different kinds of paper.

Day 2 we turned rubbings into fine art prints to take home.

  • Learn about  local ecology 

  • Practice a new drawing technique 

  • Introduction to lithography printing through tactile drawing methods

This course helped people without art training to physically learn from and engage with the environment through exciting art-making processes. The transfer of drawings to the stone and subsequent printing process was guided by acclaimed print maker John Pusateri (Auckland Print Studio). This course provided a rare opportunity to engage with an intriguing fine art printing process led by an expert printmake

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