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ecoart|botanical monoprinting



Parnell, Auckland NZ

This botanical monoprinting workshop was developed for the Natural Environment Defense Foundation in Auckland. This fun, half-day workshop began with a guided visit to a local reserve to learn about the native plants and creatures who live among the trees. We then returned to the nearby studio to learn about this simple monoprinting technique and how to use colour to make botanical prints. All materials and guidance were provided.

This kind of workshop is suitable for all ages and no prior experience is necessary. All materials are supplied. We advise people to come with some good walking shoes and a raincoat if necessary.

ecoart | frottage and litho



Eskdale Reserve and Auckland Print Studio, Aotearoa NZ

This was a collaborative two-day workshop between Limen Lab and Auckland Print Studio for the Kaipātiki Project in Birkdale. It was designed as a method to engage people with native trees and their associated insect species. It introduced the drawing process of frottage or 'rubbings' and involved touching and listening to help participants get 'in touch' with the important trees found in the Eskdale Reserve. The next day we visited Auckland Print Studios where John Pusateri turned the drawings into collaborative prints.


Day 1: Neil Henderson, from Kaipātiki Project, took us on a journey through the reserve to learn about the trees and the biodiversity they support, and we then got on with drawing the trees using the 'frottage' process.

Day 2: John Pusateri, from Auckland Print Studio, guided us in the fine art process of stone lithography to convert the drawings into lithographic prints.

If you would like us to arrange an ecoart workshop for you, your community group or organisation, we would love to hear from you.

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